REM-B Connect is an online shop and information portal where visitors can find a wide range of hydraulic products with parts lists, pictures, drawings, technical documentation, pricing information and product availability.

The backbone of this website is REM-B Hydraulics' database of more than 400.000 hydraulic products. To be able to find what you need, you can either use the search function, using a multitude of different references. The search function can recognize product codes, item numbers and descriptons. Or you can simply browse through the website, finding necessary information in only a matter of a few mouse clicks.

We've created two different ways to browse smoothly to your desired products:




Do you want to know everything REM-B is capable of delivering in a short term? Take a look at our "Quick & Easy" products. This section was created to save the user valuable time looking for his products and to better distinguish the products which REM-B Hydraulics can supply fast, from same-day shipping to max. 2 weeks delivery time.

"Quick & Easy" is divided in three parts:

Spare Parts

Spare parts of specific hydraulic pumps or motors.

Pumps & Motors

Complete hydraulic pumps and motors.


By 'components' we mean every part of an hydraulic system which is not a pump, motor or part of these.





ALL products and information on REM-B Connect is initially organized per brand.

Within these brands, the following categories can be distinguished:


Here you will find products with their price, availability and additional info, which can be inquired or bought.


Products through parts lists

With more than 30.000 available parts lists, REM-B Connect makes finding spare parts a piece of cake. Just browse to the unit where you need parts for, find the right position on the drawing and pick the right part from the list. Apart from the item's position, this list also shows you the part number and quantity per unit. By clicking the item, you see its price and availability. In order to access aftermarket products, where available, you can click on the AM part number.



Hundreds of catalogs with technical info, product specifications and other product information can be found here.


Repair Info

Clicking on repair info gives you access to a wide range of repair manuals, advice and warnings to help you with the repair of hydraulic pumps and motors.



Parts Dimensions

Do you have parts which you can't identify? Measure the part carefully and look for the corresponding dimensions in the parts and dimensions section. This may allow you to identify your unit.



Cross references

In the course of time, product numbers or codes are subject to change, while the product basically remains the same. Another possibility is that some products are interchangeable beyond the boundaries of the brand. In both cases, the necessary information can be found in this part of REM-B Connect.



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